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NCCL School is an independent, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Consider a gift to the Ann Brown Scholarship Fund

NCCL School is committed to enrolling students of diverse economic, racial, social, and ethnic backgrounds. The Ann Brown Scholarship Fund, named in honor of the school’s founder, was established to increase access to an NCCL education and the NCCL School community.  

NCCL sees diversity in many ways, and strives to have a diverse group of families, as well as children who have a range of skills and abilities. NCCL believes that a diverse student body and parent involvement expose students to the broadest range of perspectives, creating a more robust and integrated community. It is critical support of the Ann Brown Scholarship Fund that makes open access at NCCL School possible, benefiting both the individual and the school’s dynamic community.

Make a gift to the NCCL School General Fund

Gifts to the General Fund serve as a vital lifeline for NCCL School, as they directly replenish and fortify our overall budget. These gifts wield a far-reaching impact, transcending the boundaries of specific classes or initiatives. By allocating funds to the NCCL School General Fund, you become a driving force behind the continuous enhancements of our academic endeavors, the flourishing of diverse programs, and the maintenance and improvement of our facilities. 

Make a gift to something else!

If neither the NCCL School General Fund or the Ann Brown Scholarship Fund speak to you, let us know the specific designation for your gift. We will put it to good use exactly where you asked us to.  

For questions about a specific gift allocation, or any questions regarding making a gift to NCCL School, please email Outreach and Financial Director Jordan Bailey.

Printer Cartridge Recycling

Don’t throw away that printer cartridge!

Do you have an HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Compaq, Brother, Dell, Canon, or Apple inkjet printer? Place your empty inkjet cartridge in the original box or a sealed plastic bag and drop it off at school. (Note: Epson cartridges cannot be recycled because they don’t have a print head.) We will receive up to $1.00 for each cartridge turned in, which will go directly into NCCL School’s general operating budget, helping to keep tuition down.

Online Shopping

Your internet shopping BENEFITS NCCL SCHOOL when you start your shopping with the links below. 

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NCCL receives a percentage of your purchase price from Amazon Smile.

Find coupons and deals for more than 1,000 stores at GoodShop. Up to 30% of your purchase will go to NCCL!

Grant a Wish

Buy a gift you know the teachers really want! Shop from one of our Amazon Wishlists. 

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