The Elementary Program

Groups 1 & 2 (K-4th grade)

The younger half of the school consists of two groups, spanning kindergarten through fourth grade. Each classroom has two teachers available at all times. There are also two assistant teachers who work with Groups 1 and 2. The atmosphere within both Groups 1 and 2 is warm and accepting, with an emphasis on exploratory learning. The approach at NCCL is to help the child reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. The children learn primarily through active investigation and discussion, but also take notes and read for information. Children in these two groups present what they have learned in a myriad of ways including reports, museums, skits etc.

At NCCL there is time to get to know each other. Friendships bloom early and last years. It is important that children keep up strong relationships across groups. Group 1 students are paired with buddies in Group 3 and Group 2 students have buddies in Group 4. Throughout the year the children and their buddies participate in a variety of activities together. This helps maintain important ties across age groups. Spending time together leads to a close community filled with mutual respect.

Children who have been to NCCL do not forget the experience.There is a palpable sense of joy and excitement almost every day of the school year. Children and teachers want to be at NCCL. As teachers and students, our experiences at NCCL encourage us to bring that sense of possibility and joy in learning to the wider world.

We teach printing and cursive writing.

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Our classes enjoy two active outside play times each day.

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