Social Studies

NCCL School’s Social Studies curriculum reflects our philosophy that children learn best when they can connect to history through active involvement such as role plays, field trips, and presentations. The younger NCCL students study topics and locales that have a link to their everyday lives. Older students’ studies go beyond their personal experience and help them explore the complexity of the larger world.​

Content and Concepts

Group 1: Grades K, 1, and 2


Native Americans and Pilgrims​​



Local Communities

World Cultures





Countries Around the World

Group 2: Grades 3 and 4

​​History and Civics

Early Americans

Colonial America

The Revolutionary War

Gold Rushes

Medieval Times

World Cultures/Ancient Cultures

People of the Arctic


Religions of the World


Map Skills

Regions of the Modern and

Ancient World

Group 3: Grades 5 and 6

History and Economics

The Movement of Goods and Ideas along the Silk Routes

The Age of Exploration – 1400- 1600

Early Settlement of the Americas

Clash of Cultures

Columbian Exchange

European Countries Pursuits​​


Concepts of Navigation and Mapping

Regions of the World

North and Central Americas

Western Europe


Unit on Governments:

Reasons for and types of governments

Current Events

Group 4: Grades 7and 8

History and Civics

19th Century

Formation of our government and the Constitution

Westward Expansion

Slavery and the abolitionist movement

The Civil War, causes and consequences

The Industrial Revolution


20th Century

America’s Rise as a world power

Women’s Suffrage

Workers’ Rights

Social Journalism

World Conflicts

The Holocaust

Japanese Internment

The Atomic Bomb

The Cold War

The Civil Rights Movement

Current Events