Kids' Greenfest 2024

We're thrilled to announce the exhibitors, sponsors, entertainment, vendors, and food trucks for Greenfest 2024!  Check out all the fantastic exhibits and activities that are in store for you at this year's event below! Get ready for an eco-friendly adventure like no other. 🌿🌎🌞

Thank you to our 2024 Kids' Greenfest Sponsors!

Since 2010, Kids' Greenfest has provided child-centered, hands-on activities from sustainability experts and presenters who share practical, easy methods for changes everyone can make. Important areas of focus are renewable energy, energy conservation, wildlife conservation, and locally made or grown products.

"While many green expos are focused on products and are geared towards adults, our goal is to empower children through educational activities that help them see practical changes they can make with their families. Sustainability is a journey for each of us. Who better to help lead us on this journey than our children?" - NCCL Faculty member

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Participate in our book swap!

Bring in gently used books to trade for more books. This is a fun and smart way to recycle.

Ride the NCCL smoothie bike!

A hit every year! Hop on our blender bike and pedal your way to a refreshing fruit smoothie!