Enrollment Forms

Welcome to NCCL School!

Once enrollment is offered, your family will be sent an Enrollment Contract and asked to complete the appropriate documentation below. All documents can be completed by downloading them in Adobe Acrobat (free) and filling them in electronically.  All enrollment documents can be sent electronically to enrollment@ncclschool.org. Enrollment documents can also be printed and mailed or hand delivered to:

NCCL School

c/o Lia Hollis-Jefferson

401 Phillips Avenue

Newark, DE 19711

NEW and RETURNING Students 

NCCL School Parent Rights & Responsibilities - digital.pdf
Emergency Form_ Children - digital.pdf
Medication Form - digital.pdf
Pick Up Authorization - digital.pdf
Technology Policy Form_ Groups 1 & 2 - digital.pdf
Technology Agreement_ Groups 3 & 4 - digital.pdf
Community Contribution Contract 2024-2025 - digital.pdf
Walker Release - digital.pdf
Student Media Non-Consent Form - digital.pdf

NEW STUDENTS ONLY - additional documents

In addition to the above forms for ALL students, please include:

Release of Records -digital.pdf
Student Data Collection Form - digital.pdf
Adopt A Park- digital.pdf
PA School District Residency_Transportation Form - digital.pdf

All enrollment documents can be sent to enrollment@ncclschool.org.

Questions? Contact us!

We  invite you to speak with Lia Hollis-Jefferson, lia@ncclschool.org, our Administrative Director, to ask for any additional information or more detailed questions.