Visit us!​

We are happy to arrange individual visits at any time!

Please contact our Administrative Director, Lia Hollis-Jefferson, at (302) 368-7772 or to make an appointment.

NCCL School admits students without regard to race, color, religious belief, ancestry, or national origin. Admission decisions are made by the staff, based on the needs of the school and the particular openings available. Our goal is to have a school population that is well-balanced as to age and gender, with a variety of children from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, and parents who support our educational goals and methods. Priority is given to siblings of children already enrolled in the school.

School Visit

We do not have an entrance exam. Before a child enters the school, we like to interview both parents and have the child visit the school for at least a day. The visit enables us to get to know your child and gives your child a chance to see the school and meet the teachers. A visit does not mean that we will have a place for your child.

Applications are accepted at any time for any school year. All else being equal, openings are offered in order of application date.