Application Process

We invite you to apply to NCCL School today! 

If you are applying for next school year, or a mid-year placement during the current school year:

____ fill out all pages of the Application -one per child applying- (download and edit on your device)

____ provide a photograph of your child

____ enclose a check for $50 made out to NCCL School, or pay electronically using the link below.

____ enclose a copy of your child’s latest report and (if applicable)

           ____ disciplinary reports

           ____ psychological or educational tests and/or evaluations

           ____ IEP or 504 plans

           ____ any other pertinent documentation of accommodations or modifications

____ sign the Release of Records (download and edit on your device)

If you are applying for a later year:

____ fill out the first page of the Application only

____ enclose a check for $50 made out to NCCL School, or pay electronically using the link below.

We will ask for the photograph, the rest of the application and the records at a later date.

Application Fee

The $50 application fee is non-refundable. Once your child’s application becomes active, they may be offered a place at any time, such as over the summer or in the middle of the school year. If at any time you no longer want a placement for a particular school year, you must notify us to change the status of your application. You may cancel the application or change it to a subsequent school year. You will not lose your place on the waiting list by changing to another school year. When we offer a place to your child, the application is canceled. If you do not accept the place, but want your child to be considered for another school year, you will need to reapply and submit another application fee. Applicants are automatically considered for enrollment in subsequent years if there is not a place for them for the first year in which they apply. You do not need to reapply or submit another application fee.

Pay Your Application Fee Online Here!

Visit For a Day (or two!)

As part of our enrollment process, children visit NCCL School for at least one school day. We do not have an entrance exam. The visit enables us to get to know your child and gives your child a chance to see the school and meet the teachers. A visit does not mean that we will have a place for your child.


Admission decisions are made by the staff, based on the needs of the school and the particular openings available. Our goal is to have a school population that is well-balanced as to age and gender, with parents who support our educational goals and methods. Priority is given to siblings of children already enrolled in the school.

NCCL School admits students without regard to race, color, religious beliefs, ancestry, or national origin.

Questions? Contact us!

We  invite you to speak with Lia Hollis-Jefferson, our Administrative Director, to ask for any additional information or more detailed questions.