Group 1 Reading

Grades K-1

Group 1 uses a multi-sensory phonics based approach to instruction. Kindergarten students in Group 1 are working on letter and sound identification. We work to develop pre-reading skills through rhyming activities, matching, counting sounds, story telling, sequencing activities, learning letter names and sounds and how to blend them into words. Students take time to listen to stories and take picture walks through books. They begin building a sight-word vocabulary as well.

As the students progress they begin examining different spelling rules that change the sounds of letters and words. Acting as word detectives, they work to discover the rules. There are frequent activities sorting words by their common traits, reading and spelling words with a variety of games and reading short stories that contain the words being taught. All these experiences help the students develop skills to sound out words when reading and spelling on their own.

Games chants and songs are often used to help children internalize this knowledge. ("q and u stick together like glue!")

Fluency and comprehension are developed during quiet reading time, when children are guided to choose from a wide selection of literature that is appropriate to their reading level. Once students begin decoding words on their own we begin to work individually with each child, listening to them read aloud, providing mini-lessons on needed skills.

The classroom is filled with books and children are excited to read fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Children are eager to discuss books, authors, and stories they enjoy. We are developing a community of readers.

Writing stories and sharing their writing with the class reinforces the spelling and reading instruction.