“Sustainability is a journey for each of us. Who better to help lead us on this journey than our children?" - NCCL Faculty

Teaching children to love and respect the earth and its inhabitants has always been important at NCCL. We have been educating our students about environmental issues for over 40 years.

Field trips into the community and time spent observing, studying, and appreciating nature are all regular parts of our curriculum. Children see themselves as part of a connected world and are taught that they have an impact on everything around them. Empowering children with the tools and knowledge to make a difference in their school, community, and world is a huge part of who we are. Our kids are passionate advocates for what they believe and we support their efforts to make a difference.

Here are just a few examples of the many things NCCL children have done through the years:

  • Children and teachers in our school worked together to prepare our grounds and apply to be a certified wildlife habitat.

  • Our youngest children wrote a letter to the city to ask for more waste receptacles in a nearby park after finding so much trash.

  • One group protested when a favorite tree was going to be chopped down and each class in the school volunteers to clean our local park each month.

  • Our children work hard to reduce, reuse, and recycle every day.

  • Our largest yearly outreach event, NCCL Kids’ Greenfest, is designed to teach children and families practical ways they can make a difference to help our community and ultimately the planet.