Group 2 Reading

Grades 2-4

In Group 2, reading makes the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. As children enter Group 2, reading skills vary considerably. Some children are working to decode words, while others have gained fluency. By the second year in Group 2, the majority of the children are fluent readers.

In Group 2 we take several approaches to teaching reading. After an initial assessment, where we read with each child, using several books of different levels, we assign children to reading groups. These groups may be changed as needs be, through the year. At first, children are assigned group books, where one reading group will all read the same book. We spend time reading together, but children also read independently, reading assigned chapters. Children who are still primarily working on decoding will spend more time reading aloud in a group. As children gain fluency, they read silently, but join in discussion groups. However, we have all children read aloud routinely to check fluency and accuracy.

We have a variety reading activities to help children become engaged with the book being read, to help them learn reading and writing conventions, to aid comprehension, and to prepare children to discuss what they have read.

To support discussion we use reader’s notebooks in which children answer questions, write summaries or make comments; children make posters about what they are reading; write ‘ads’ to sell their book, and write more conventional reports.

We try to provide a wide variety of reading material that includes fiction, fantasy, history and science among other topics. We read at least three days a week, during a 45 minute class. Each group reads about five to six books a year as part of the group. Although reading activities permeate our day, focused reading is a critical part of our curriculum.