Few things are more intrinsic to, or representative of, the philosophy and values of NCCL School than its traditions.

NCCL School Back to School Potluck

The NCCL School potluck, for example. Every student and parent new to the school can arrive at Phillips Park and join families who have been part of the school for years, in a sort of welcoming meal as the year turns to fall and school begins. This meal, a sort of thanksgiving feast, is one of the first ways newcomers and longtime families alike are welcomed into the close-knit NCCL School community.


Likewise at the end of the year, and the end of the journey for the school’s 8th graders, NCCL School is rich with traditions any former student would remember well. Ridiculous graduation hats (constructed by the grads’ 7th-grade friends), songs are sung (songs that have been sung almost since the school began), and awards are given. Awards tailored to the strengths (and sometimes foibles, affectionately highlighted) of the 8th graders the school has come to know and love.

Kid Culture

These traditions are only the tip of the iceberg. The students themselves have a vast array of their own traditions, as there is a “kid culture” at NCCL School stronger than at most other schools.


All of these traditions stem from the same place: NCCL School’s deep, carefully cultivated community.

Children and adults alike belong to this community, share respect for each other. Friendships among children of different ages are encouraged. Teachers come to know their students well, and deeply understand them.

This community creates a world of its own within the school, a world complete with its own culture. However, this culture extends beyond the walls of the school. Former students remember the traditions of NCCL School fondly, and carry a little bit of this culture with them into the rest of the world.