The Work of The School

We have monthly Community Meetings that include the School Committee and all contracted parents. This provides an opportunity to have discussions and presentations about the NCCL philosophy and program, and other items of interest to parents.

The School Committee is composed of two elected officers (the chairperson and secretary), the heads of the standing committees, the Administrative Director, School Financial Coordinator and the Educational Directors. In order to provide continuity to the Community Meeting, these generally serve for a minimum of two years.

NCCL is a non-profit corporation. The corporate board is made up of a combination of alumni, present and past parents, and staff.


Board of Directors

"Manage the property and business of the corporation"


President - Ann Brown

Vice President – Kelly Martone

Secretary - Lauren Evans

Treasurer - Jordan Bailey

School Meeting Chair - Amanda Magee

Additional Board Members - Marilynn Magnani, Mat Marshall

School Committee

"Advise the Board of Directors on the management of the business and affairs of the corporation"

Responsible for advising the board on general policies and procedures including financial policy, budget, enrollment procedures, service obligations, etc.


Chair - Amanda Magee

Secretary - Tiffany Brake

Members of the Board of Directors

Outreach and Financial Coordinator - Jordan Bailey

Administrative Coordinator - Lauren Evans

Educational Directors - Kelly Martone, Kate Kerrane

Committee Chairs


Responsible for curriculum; scheduling and grouping of classes; staffing; staff evaluation; purchase of educational supplies.

Administrative Coordinator

Responsible for implementing policies and procedures; enrollment and admissions; coordinating committee activities, committee assignments, service obligations, chairs School Service committees; daily plant maintenance; compliance with state regulations.

Financial Coordinator (Treasurer)

Responsible for implementing financial policy; collecting tuition and buy-out fees; paying bills.

Educational Directors

Responsible for monitoring educational program; interpreting school’s philosophy of education; guiding overall curriculum coordination; staff development; parent workshops.