The Work of The School

We have monthly Community Meetings that include the School Committee and all contracted parents. This provides an opportunity to have discussions and presentations about the NCCL School philosophy and program, and other items of interest to parents.

The School Committee is composed of two officers (the chairperson and secretary), the heads of the standing committees, the Administrative Director, School Financial Director, and the Educational Directors. In order to provide continuity to the Community Meeting, these generally serve for a minimum of two years.

NCCL is a non-profit corporation. The corporate board is made up of a combination of alumni, present and past parents, and staff.


Board of Directors

"Manage the property and business of the corporation"


President: Ann Brown

Founder, NCCL School

I was the founder of NCCL School along with many dedicated people in 1971. I retired in 2001 and moved to California to help raise my four grandchildren. I come back every summer and keep in touch all year around. My continued role as president of the corporate board allows me to maintain a role in keeping alive our unique philosophy as we continue to grow and change with the times.

Vice President: Kelly Martone

Group 1 Teacher from 1992-present, current Educational Director, K-4

The philosophy of NCCL spoke to my heart when I walked through the front doors in 1992, and it still does. Ann Brown, the founder of the school and its vision, was my mentor and co-teacher in Group One when I first began teaching here, and her incredible impact has never faded. Although the school has evolved throughout the years, NCCL has always remained true to its mission: igniting passions, creating thinkers, and remaining a solid cultivating community. I have witnessed joy in learning, awe in wonder, and the delight in accomplishing goals both educationally and socially. These experiences are due to the unique atmosphere within NCCL — I feel there is no better way to teach children.

As a long-standing teacher, current Educational Director, and parent of two alumni, I am able to view the school from a variety of valuable lenses. My mission as a board member is to consider all of these different perspectives and contribute in any way possible to make sure NCCL continues to provide the same nurturing and inspiring educational experience for communities of learners for years to come.

Secretary: Lauren Evans

Administrative Director, Previous Group 1 teacher, parent of Elliott ‘23 and Violet ‘29

Seeking a school that aligned with my educational values and philosophy, I came to NCCL in 2014. As an educator, I appreciated the autonomy and freedom to be flexible and creative with my teaching. As a staff member, I was invigorated by the collaborative spirit of the NCCL staff and governance structure. Now, in an administrative role, I am able to help move the NCCL mission forward on a daily basis. Serving as a member of the NCCL Board, I am able to keep the Board informed on the status of our school plans and outcomes of our efforts. I continue to be extremely passionate about sharing the education NCCL School provides, along with its supportive, involved community of families and teachers.

Treasurer: Jordan Bailey

Outreach and Financial Coordinator, NCCL School

I came to NCCL School to bring new life to a small progressive school, only to find “Newark’s best kept secret” bring new life to me! I bring to the board 10+ years of experience in advancement, development, and alumni relations in schools, and have a Nonprofit Management Certificate from the University of Delaware. In my role as Outreach and Financial Coordinator at NCCL, I serve as fiduciary for all school investments and financial assets, and strive to bring sound financial decision-making on behalf of the school to the Board. In addition to maintaining alignment with NCCL’s 50- year history of progressive education for hundreds of alumni, I have the best interests of its students, staff, and current school community at heart.

School Meeting Chair/Parent Representative: Amanda Magee

NCCL School Parent of Jason ‘23 and Rachel ‘25

Our family joined NCCL in the fall of 2017. My husband, Dave, was born and raised in Newark, and we moved here in 2010. We learned about NCCL through friends and attended the Kids' Greenfest for many years before enrolling our children. We were drawn to the progressive educational philosophy and remarkable passion of the teachers at NCCL. Jason and Rachel have thrived here and we love being part of this truly unique community.

I work as a Physician Assistant at the Christiana Spine Center. I work closely with patients and their families, often through challenging medical treatment plans. This involves careful listening, empathy, and clear communication with the rest of the treatment team. I can use these same skills to work with NCCL parents and the Board.

My personal mission as a NCCL Board Member is to serve as an effective link between NCCL parents and the Board, as well as to offer a parent's perspective regarding all issues that face the Board. I will attend the NCCL Community Meetings, help to communicate parent concerns with the Board, and help to work on solutions.

Director: Marilynn Carver Magnani

Founding Parent and Former Teacher, NCCL School

Understanding how all children learn and watching them make sense of the world and their place in it has been and continues to be a passion for me. I was a founding parent and teacher of NCCL, both of my children attended K through 8th grades and I was on the teaching staff for forty-five years. Now in retirement, I have extra time to devote to supporting the NCCL community as it carries out its very important mission.

Director: Mat Marshall

NCCL School Alumnus ‘05

I’m an NCCL Board member and alumnus who credits NCCL for planting the seeds that grew into my career in political communications. I discovered a talent for writing at NCCL, where small classes, creative lessons, and one-on-one attention helped nurture my writing skills from among my weakest in elementary school to among my strongest today. As a Group 4 student, my 8th grade apprenticeship with the Newark Department of Parks and Recreation sparked an interest in local government and public service that later steered my college major and career path. After graduating from NCCL in 2005, I attended Cab Calloway School of the Arts and Wilmington University and went on to work with dozens of political campaigns and progressive causes. I currently serves as Communications Director for the Delaware Department of Justice, where I’m the principal spokesman for the state’s largest law firm and an advisor and speechwriter for Delaware’s Attorney General. In my free time I can be found cooking, gardening, or negotiating personal space with a growing cadre of pets.

School Committee

"Advise the Board of Directors on the management of the business and affairs of the corporation"

Responsible for advising the board on general policies and procedures including financial policy, budget, enrollment procedures, service obligations, etc.


Chair - Amanda Magee

Secretary - Tiffany Brake

Members of the Board of Directors

Outreach and Financial Coordinator - Jordan Bailey

Administrative Coordinator - Lauren Evans

Educational Directors - Kelly Martone, Kate Kerrane

Committee Chairs


Responsible for curriculum; scheduling and grouping of classes; staffing; staff evaluation; purchase of educational supplies.

Administrative Coordinator

Responsible for implementing policies and procedures; enrollment and admissions; coordinating committee activities, committee assignments, service obligations, chairs School Service committees; daily plant maintenance; compliance with state regulations.

Financial Coordinator (Treasurer)

Responsible for implementing financial policy; collecting tuition and buy-out fees; paying bills.

Educational Directors

Responsible for monitoring educational program; interpreting school’s philosophy of education; guiding overall curriculum coordination; staff development; parent workshops.