Community Commitments

"I got to be part of a community that was much larger than a school."

-Jasmine, Class of 2016

"Many hands make light work" is certainly embraced here! Parents can help out in many ways at NCCL School, based upon their interests and skills. Their help is integral to the running of the school and aids in keeping tuition down. We wouldn't be who we are without our parents and their dedication to NCCL School.

Both parents/guardians are required to sign a Community Commitment Contract indicating how they would like to fulfill the following requirements:

Committee Commitment

Each parent is asked to contribute at least 20 hours of committee work per year. We have a variety of committees, including School Service, Grounds, Maintenance, Newsletter, Social, Computers, etc. We assign parents to one of their 3 choices if possible, although new parents sometimes can’t get one of their choices the first year. Reporting: You need to log your hours worked on the NCCL website.

As an alternative, parents may contribute $500.

Workday Commitment

Each parent is asked to contribute at least 8 workday hours each year. Most workday hours are done over the summer and are devoted to getting the school ready for a new school year. There are 8 Saturday workdays scheduled: 2 before school begins, 3 short ones in January, and 3 after school is out. Alternate jobs are also assigned which can be done at the parent’s convenience. Jobs include painting, repairing, cleaning, library work, straightening supplies, etc.

As an alternative, parents may contribute $250 each.