Reopening Our School

Reopening Plans for 2021-2022

Layers of Safety

With each safety guideline we put in place, our school becomes a safer place to learn. While we cannot claim to be a bubble that can prevent COVID-19 transmission, we are taking every precaution possible to minimize risk. This is a community effort and we ask that you please treat NCCL School and everyone in it as one of your family’s priorities. As a whole school, including grades K-8 and all staff, we will be adhering to numerous safety guidelines and following safety precautions as described below:

  • Learning Platform: All staff and students will be completely in person, five days a week. There will be no full-time virtual option this school year.

  • Learning Environment: NCCL School will once again utilize our 30x20 ft. tents for outdoor learning spaces. Classes will use both their indoor and outdoor learning spaces this school year.

  • Ventilation: Each room in the school will be equipped with a Coway air filtration unit, "capturing 99.999%* of fine airborne particles and contaminants down to 0.01 microns, smaller than most bacteria and viruses." Additionally, all classroom windows will remain open during the school day to provide for greater air flow.

  • Masks: We are a masked campus, meaning that anyone on campus must be masked at all times except while eating. To facilitate learning, staff members may briefly remove their masks when presenting information to the whole class in the outdoor learning environment, providing that they are a minimum of six feet away from students.

  • Vaccination: The entire NCCL School staff is fully vaccinated. We strongly encourage all members of our community to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it’s available for your age group. Vaccination will be the number one determinant of our ability to ease COVID-19 precautionary protocols.

  • Physical Distancing: Students and staff will adhere to the CDC-recommended 3 ft of distance between one another when feasible.

  • Weekly In-School COVID-19 Testing: Specially trained medical professionals from our school community will be administering COVID-19 lower nasal PCR tests every Wednesday morning in conjunction with Affinity Empowering (funded by Department of Health and Human Services). Parents will have access to a portal where they can view their child's test results. Registration is mandatory to participate in in-school testing. If you choose to have your child tested weekly at another location (PCR test only), you are responsible for providing the test results to NCCL School by Friday of each week.

  • Hand Washing: Students will have hand washing breaks built into their schedules and will also have hand sanitizer available to them at all times.

  • Cleaning: High-touch surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day with a disinfecting cleaning solution provided by our cleaning company. Our contracted professional cleaning company will thoroughly clean our learning spaces and high-touch surfaces daily.

  • Eating: Eating will take place outdoors, weather-permitting. When weather does not permit, students will be spaced out appropriately throughout the entire classroom.

  • COVID-19 Positive Cases On Campus: If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the associated Group will pivot to virtual learning (allowing one school day for teacher preparation) until the majority of its members test negative (testing 3-5 days after the exposure). Fully vaccinated, symptom-free members of Group 4 will not need to quarantine. When a vaccine is available for children under 12, we will re-examine these plans for Groups 1, 2 & 3.

  • COVID-19 Exposure Off Campus: Unvaccinated students who are exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual outside of the NCCL School campus will need to quarantine and may return if they receive a negative COVID-19 test result (testing 3-5 days after exposure). Vaccinated, symptom-free students and staff do not need to quarantine and will continue with weekly in-school testing.

    • While quarantining, students will have access to meaningful learning experiences, varying by Group, and dependent upon the developmental abilities of that Group.

  • Visitors on Campus: Parents are allowed to enter the school building if picking up early, dropping off late, dropping off or picking up from Extended Care, or having a scheduled meeting. Teachers and staff will be outside each morning to greet families during arrival time.

  • Extended Care: As parents return to their offices and businesses, we recognize our community’s need for an extended care program. Ours will be fully operational for morning and afternoon care, following all school health and safety protocols.