COVID-19 Response

2022-2023 NCCL School COVID-19 Policy

Important Changes to the NCCL School Community

  1. Learning Platform: All staff and students will be completely in person, five days a week. There will be no virtual option this school year.

  2. Ventilation: Each room in the school will be equipped with a Coway air filtration unit, "capturing 99.999%* of fine airborne particles and contaminants down to 0.01 microns, smaller than most bacteria and viruses."

  3. Masks: Our school will follow CDC Community Levels of COVID-19 spread for masking guidance. When the CDC Community Level for New Castle County is green or yellow, our school will be mask-optional, and we will be supportive to any families that decide to continue to be masked throughout the school year. If the CDC Community Level for New Castle County is red, masking will be required by everyone while in the school building.

  4. Vaccination: The entire NCCL School staff is fully vaccinated. We strongly encourage all members of our community to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC has now recommended for everyone ages 6 months and older to be vaccinated.

  5. Weekly In-School COVID-19 Testing: We will provide weekly COVID-19 PCR testing in-school until December 2022. If your child is not present at our PCR testing day, they will need to be tested at another location and/ or show proof of a negative at home test. You are responsible for providing the test results to NCCL School by Friday of each week.

  6. Hand Washing: Students will have hand washing breaks built into their schedules and will also have hand sanitizer available to them at all times.

  7. Cleaning: Our contracted professional cleaning company will thoroughly clean our learning spaces and high-touch surfaces daily.

  8. Eating: Eating will take place outdoors, weather-permitting. When weather does not permit, students will be spaced out appropriately throughout the entire classroom.

  9. COVID-19 Positive Cases On Campus: If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the associated Group Teachers will provide meaningful learning opportunities to be completed at home. Per CDC guidelines, students must quarantine at home for at least 5 days, or until symptoms ameliorate, whichever is later. Students may then return to school if they are fever-free, and must wear a mask.

  10. COVID-19 Exposure Off Campus: Unvaccinated students who are exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual outside of the NCCL School campus will need to quarantine and may return if they receive a negative COVID-19 test result (testing 5 days after exposure) and must wear a mask for 10 days. Vaccinated, symptom-free students and staff do not need to quarantine, but must wear a mask for 10 days.

  11. Visitors on Campus: We are happy to welcome families back into the building! Parents and family members are permitted to escort their child into their classroom during our arrival time. Doors open at 8:30am. A reminder that learning begins at 8:45am.